Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Notificatum [This is not an entry for assessment, Roger!]

Hey, me again. Yes, I haven't posted in over a month, but I must be forgiven, because this site is technically defunct now. We've got some stuff to report, but that'll be happening when we've moved everything over to the new server. For now, you can do nought but salivate over the yet-unheeded promise of my honey-sweet vowels, over my pearl-glossed consonants, and over the untold vales of knowledge that surely reside deep beneath the outer facets of their delicate silk shrouds.

Peace be with ye, until we do meet upon the mountain-cas'd walls of heavenly Clouddeep, in the transcend'nt angel-realm of Mi, far beyond the revealing reaches of known colour and thrice-damn'd geometric wizzardries.

- Charles Tenet*

Surrounds and drowns and washes me awaaaaaaaaay…

*That's a pseudonym, made up of letters harvested from my full name.