Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Post the Third

Date: Wednesday 27 February, 2008
Started: 9:48 AM
Finished: 4:50 PM (due to major revision)

Ahoy there all,

Finally, we're beginning to make some real progress on this project. Yesterday, the group met in Interactive Media, and we finally got down to discussing the background behind the game (mostly concerning mutants, who are one of the core features in the game, and are, thanks to our efforts, going to have a background devoid of pseudoscience… well, as devoid as we can manage), as well as some of the more technical issues (specifically, level design - one level is even going to involve the players driving down a drained canal in a beaten-up truck whilst trying to fend off hordes of ravenous mutants). We also discussed the game rating, coming to the conclusion that the game's moderate violence and themes would probably warrant an "R" rating once the game rating system is changed (which will be soon, apparently). We also watched a presentation put together by Roger, specifically concerning the concept of virtual worlds (such as Second Life), and the ways in which the line between such virtual worlds and the real world are blurred. Not really my thing, but interesting nonetheless, especially concerning people actually making money through such a medium.

Whilst reading over Kodie's log a few minutes ago, I started thinking about the possibility of turning these meetings into some form of podcast, ala Penny Arcade's "Downloadable Content". Perhaps this is an idea which I should suggest to the team - after all, Kodie did say that he was possibly going to find a way to upload the audio from our meetings (although the approx. 2 hours of our previous meeting isn't exactly a reasonable size).

I'm also going to have to prepare for the texturing stage, which will most likely be upon us rather soon, considering the speed and quality of Kodie's 3D modelling. The main issue here is resources, as I will most likely need to accquire a Wacom tablet (considering that a mouse is much harder to use for Photoshop work), and will need to have access to one at both home and college. Unless I can come to an agreement with Roger…

- N.

Angels on the sideline…

[Roger] Yes - we can come to an arrangement… :-) Come and see me

Monday, February 25, 2008

Post the Second

Date: Monday 25 February, 2008
Started: 10:31 AM
Finished: 10:38 AM

Howdy all,

Here, for your viewing pleasure, is the long-awaited "Mummy Mutant" sketch (we really need another name for them)…


I have included a couple of possible variations (an "arm-blade" mutation/crude synthetic graft, and a different head design) as well, as you can see from the image. I drew heavy inspiration from fantasy and horror movie mummies (using a Dungeons and Dragons illustration to help get the right "look" for the bandages) and various depictions of feral tribesmen when making this sketch, whilst taking inspiration from fantasy weaponry when deciding to implement the arm-blades.

Opinions, constructive criticism, etc, will be welcomed - this should be done over in General Discussion, however, and not in this thread. In fact, I will be making a specific thread for discussing the concept art of Todd and myself, so that's where to go if you have any opinions on any of our art.

- N.

P.S. Note that I deleted the previous entry, as I did not, upon looking back, see much merit in its existence.

Let me show you another way…

Note (19th August, 2008, during move from Wikidot to Blogger): It seems I can copy images over directly into these posts. Now isn't that the best thing besides Chuck Norris? (lol intarwebz meme roflmao!!!1onesixhundred11!!!)

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Post the First

Entry #1

Date: Saturday 23 February, 2008
Started: 12:27 AM
Finished: 1:36 AM

And, finally, it begins.

Ah, it's been a big week, and that's just in Interactive Media (which has exhausted me enough as it is). I've lost track of just how many sites we've signed up to for this subject - Twitter, 43 Things, Gmail, Moodle… and I could swear there were a couple of others too, but I can't be certain, given that the hour is late, and I'm feeling almost completely drained after a (surprisingly) enjoyable week-and-a-day back at college.

Within a single week, we've already managed to make a fairly substantial amount of progress (mostly in the field of organization and planning, mind you, as the project is currently, in a sense, little more than embryonic). We've got the website up and running, with Andrew and Rhys hard at work trying to find out just how malleable Wikidot sites are in terms of customization, along with ironing out all of the kinks in the system. As mentioned over in Kodie's (b)log, Todd has started to familiarize himself with 3D models in Photoshop - a direction in which I shall follow very soon, given the fact that Todd and I are the artists behind the project. The coders are currently at work figuring out everything they need to know to make the game work (not sure how else I can word that, since I'm not exactly a programming virtuoso) - one issue that I have picked up on is that HammerEditor (sic) will not be sufficient for the project, so another program will be required (I've heard some things about something named an Orange Box?). And, the modelling is going well, with Kodie's brilliant katana being testament to that - three hours of work, and it's almost photorealistic in quality - I am surely going to have to find a way to tap into his modelling greatness, possibly through some form of psychic thought-theft. But enough on that.

On my front, I cannot say that the conceptual art itself has progressed very much so far - in fact, I am mostly finding inspiration (going very well, as my moods and creativity have soared over the past few days), as well as producing a number of reference images to help me in producing my art (mostly sketches to assist me with human anatomy, such as images of human musculature, and other images to help with things such as proportion - I have ended up looking at Leonardo da Vinci's famous "The Study of Man", and even the inside cover for Tool's "Lateralus" album for inspiration here!). The current concepts that I am working on are for human characters (basically the desperados and lone wolves of the post-apocalyptic wasteland), as well as for a type of bandage-clad mutant footsoldier (the term being used very loosely, given their inherent lack of organization) known fondly among the group members as the "mummy mutants" (a term that I believe may have been coined by the Dan). I am also planning on looking into things such as Warhammer 40,000 Orks in order to gain a good idea of what futuristic improvised armour would look like, for when I move onto bigger and better (and meaner) things. Won't say much more now, suffice to say that I think I'm going to be enjoying myself greatly before long.

Anyway, I had better call it a night - it's 1:35 AM, and I'm exhausted. Haven't been sleeping for long enough either (kept awake by checking and updating all of these websites for this subject), so I'd better get to work on fixing that little issue. And, once I'm refreshed, back to work…

- N.

Watch the weather change…

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Introductionalis [This is not an entry for assessment, Roger!]

"I tried to wake for so long, for so many fruitless months. But, one day, as I clasped my skull in the throes of grief, I groped at my eyes with waxen talons, and I finally came to see that they had indeed been open the whole time. From that point onwards, I have wanted for nothing more than the chance to return to the oblivion that is sleep."

By Nick Sinnett,
Written Tuesday 13 May, 2008


Thanks for the idea, Andrew.

Note (made during move to Blogger): I have taken the utmost care in preserving the original posts in the move to Blogger, even including notes made by Roger as a method of communicating with me and responding to my entries.